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Riding Lessons + Trail Ride Lessons + At First Farm Inn

Lessons begin with grooming and getting acquainted with your horse. We tack up, mount safely and correctly, then begin in the riding arena, working on basic commands and getting comfortable with your horse. After you have demonstrated control and respect for your horse, we move out and practice riding through the woods and around the farm.

Horses can be unpredictable. By coming to the farm, you accept responsibility and all liability for your experience on the ground or riding.

First Farm Inn horses are a colorful assortment of breeds and personalities that will be matched as much as possible to your personality and physical attributes. It's a very individual experience, no more than five riders in each lesson.

As you gain balance and confidence with your horse, you will be allowed to speed up and stretch your skills. More experienced riders report riding at First Farm Inn is "like owning your own horse" but with coaching to ensure that you are centered and balanced on your horse.

Unlike a traditional “trail ride” you will be coached as much as you need, encouraged to build your connection and communicate quietly in a way that your horse can understand. You will learn more than you’d ever imagine about horses during your lesson at First Farm Inn.


          Introduction to Horses for the Young or Fearful

Three half-hour lessons for $100. Great for five-to-ten year-olds who need repetition or might be a bit fearful. Ease into learning about horses.

One of the great things to do in Cincinnati. Horseback riding at First Farm Inn
  1. Begin with introducing yourself to the horse and grooming, learning parts and getting acquainted with the fearful prey animal.
  2. Groom, learn about tack and how to put it on. Mount and dismount.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of horse parts, grooming and tack up. Mount and ride at a walk in the riding arena.
  4. Groom, tack, mount, and ride. Learn how to use your reins, turning and following patterns in the riding arena.
  5. Groom, tack, mount, and ride, reining appropriately and moving with the horse.
Hour-long Lessons in the Ring

One-hour private lessons are $50 focused on the individual with enough fitness and attention span to focus solidly and respond to direction well. (Some 7 or 8 year olds may fit this description.)

Single riders not joining a group may do a single hour for $50 or a 2-hour session for $75.

2510 Stevens Road Petersburg, KY 41080  -  (859-586-0199 please call between 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. E.S.T.)
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