Fido Fun at First Farm Inn with Certified Professional Dog Trainer Carolyn Frias

Dog visits with horse.

Dogs can meet horses, cows, goats, cats and other dogs at First Farm Inn.

Dogs of all sizes can learn tricks.

Bring your canine kid for two half-hour sessions of one-on-one trick training with Carolyn Frias, Certified Professional Dog Trainer. Add some fun and new experiences to your life and his or hers. Your crate will fit in our first floor 1870s room, so it’s easy to go out the front door to take your leashed dog to visit with our cats, dogs and horses.

Two Humans, Two Nights,
Two Breakfasts, Two Dog Training Sessions,
Unlimited Experiences — $550

Socialize your dog for new experiences. If your stay includes a Thursday from June-September, take your dog to Music on the River, sit in your lawn chairs in the street, enjoy the weather and a great live band. Two farm stores and the Lawrenceburg Lowes allow visiting dogs. Downtown, sit outside at Strong’s Pizza, Proof 124 or Riverwatch, the floating barge. Walk along the paved floodwall.

On the Kentucky side of the river, Big Bone Lick State Park has a mile-long hiking trail. Stop at Rabbit Hash General Store for a sarsaparilla and some Kentucky Cream Candy.

Looking for an urban experience? Still under development, Riverfront Commons is an 11.5-mile uninterrupted walking, running, and biking trail that will ink Northern Kentucky’s six river cities – Ludlow, Covington, Newport, Bellevue, Dayton, and Fort Thomas – to the City of Cincinnati and other local trail systems.

Dog games maintain health and fitness.

In Newport, tour the Purple People Bridge, then eat or drink at one of these places: >

In Florence,

In Covington, hike along Riverside Drive and admire the beautiful historic riverboat captains’ mansions and the shaded Gen. George Rogers Clark Park.
Painted on the floodwall at the foot of the historic Roebling Bridge are eighteen stunning murals by artist Robert Dafford and his team. Images depict the rich history of Covington, Northern Kentucky and the Roebling Bridge and range from 8000 B.C. to 2008 A.D. Murals along the river.

Under Kentucky law, a farm animal activity sponsor, farm animal professional or other person does not have the duty to eliminate all risks of injury or participation in farm animal activities. There are inherent risks of injury that you voluntarily accept if you participate in farm animal activities.
Pet-owning guests at First Farm Inn agree:
1. That my dog is friendly towards other people and animals.
2. To never leave my pet unattended in my guest room or anywhere on the inn's premises.
3. That my pet will sleep in its own crate in the room.
4. To always have my pet on a leash inside and outside my guest room and while at the farm.
5. That my pet is well-behaved and will not disturb other guests (e.g., barking, scratching, whining, digging, etc.).
6. To be responsible for any and all damage caused to my guest room, including but not limited to stains and/or odors, and damage to furnishings.
7. That my pet is house-broken. To clean up after my pet at all times (using my own towels/linens and never the inn's towels/linens).
8. To never allow my pet to use the inn’s bedding for any reason at any time, and to never allow my pet to sleep on or in the bed.
9. That if there is any damage to the room, the inn is authorized to charge any and all expenses for damage to my room or common areas to my credit card anytime within the 30 days following my visit.
10. That I will be accept all responsibility for any injuries or damage caused by my dog to other animals or people, included but not limited to vet and/or hospital bills.
11. Should my dog prompt a horse to kick and be injured, I will accept full financial responsibility for the animal’s injuries.
Waiver of Liability
I, ______________________________________________, and anyone I bring on the property for any purpose, hereby release First Farm Inn, and its owners, employees and their heirs, til the end of time, from all liabilities, including property damage, bodily injury whether to self or any other person or animals owned or leased. I commit that I will not -- nor will any relative, family member, insurance company, attorney or other on my behalf -- make any effort to take any legal action against First Farm Inn or anyone involved with it for any reason.