ski perfect north, first farm inn, downhill skiing, snowboarding How can a hill in Indiana, just outside of Cincinnati, be one of the best Midwestern ski areas? Perfect North Slopes excels at managing southern weather issues perfectly, keeping the slopes groomed, giving great lessons and fully equipping beginners for a great downhill skiing experience. Just 10 miles from First Farm Inn, have an early breakfast and get a head start on a day on the slopes!

Champion Snow Makers

They make snow.  LOTS of snow.  As soon as temperatures drop below 28 degrees they start blowing water (mixed with chemicals) through “snow guns” with giant fans to make snow.  Three days below 28 degrees is all they usually need to cover the hill and open the slopes.

So, if you’re looking out your window in early December still seeing green-brown grass, it might be possible to be skiing at Perfect perfct north, First Farm Inn

Weather Says Ski

When do they usually open?  It depends on the weather.  In 35 years, Perfect North has opened once for Thanksgiving break and once on Nov. 30.  In 2008, they couldn’t open until after Christmas because December was so warm. In 2018, they started the snow guns Nov. 11.  But usually, opening day is sometime in December.

Once snow blankets the slopes, it insulates itself and – even if it gets warm again – it will be possible to ski.

Warm rain is most damaging to snow.  Occasionally a big rain or a couple weeks of 50 degree weather in January or February will force Perfect North to close for a week or more.  When temperatures drop again, they will make more snow and reopen.  There are lots of fun things to do in the area if we have a sudden warm rainy week when you’ve booked your getaway.

Wear a Helmet

If you’re skiing or boarding when they’re blowing snow, you’ll really appreciate a helmet and goggles.  Available free with rental packages, they are a good safety accessory every time you ski.  Learn to ski packages include a full day lift ticket, equipment rental including a helmet (you can add goggles and bibs) and most important — a free beginner lesson!

Plan your trip during the week if you can.  Avoid weekend crowds and enjoy more room on the slopes as you learn to steer and stop.

Again, depending on the weather, Perfect North can usually stay open until early March. While the snow may be sloppy and the hills covered with grass and puddles, the year ends with a big party.  Lots of games, (many involving mud, water and puddles!) contests and grilling out make the last weekend memorable.

Ski and Ride (Horses and Boards!)Perfect North Slopes

If your focus is primarily skiing, schedule your visit before March in case we have an early spring.  If we do, we can ride horses instead. (You won’t be charged for your discounted lift tickets.)  If it’s not below freezing, you can ski AND ride horses at First Farm Inn.

Of course, you’ll want to sit in front of the fire and relax in the outdoor hot tub. Bring your favorite beverage.  Snooze under the stars so you’ll be ready for a big breakfast at First Farm Inn the next morning.

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