Hay kids! These billy goats aren’t gruff!

Baby goats wearing hatsApple Bottom Jeans and Boots With The Fur joined First Farm Inn in June. The Nigerian Dwarf/Pygmy crosses are half-brothers born one day apart in March 2022.

Carolyn began training them to follow her and come when they’re called the day they arrived. Boone County natives, Apple and Boots will do just about anything for a treat.

Small white goat

More entertaining than we ever could have imagined, within weeks they learned tricks that keep everyone smiling – even before we added hats! Boots loves his neck, back, and face scratched while Apple is mostly interested in chow.
Carolyn holding pygmy goat
Small enough to pick up and hold now, they could grow up to 80 pounds.

Ostensibly, they were purchased to eat pasture weeds left behind because horses eat only grass.

Of course, they prefer to eat hay served in a feeder and sneak into horse feed bags and tubs when we aren’t looking. Because our fences aren’t capable of containing them, the goats go out when we ride and on walks with Carolyn, as well as command performances in the yard or on the porch.  They are locked inside the barn at night for protection from coyotes.

Baby goat named Boots

Warning: do not combine a young animal lover (willing to care for an endless number of creatures) with an old animal lover with land and a big barn… My first savings account, started when I was eight, was to save up to buy a lamb. That never happened, but we just learned about Babydoll Sheep….

Small white goat wears yellow hat