Winter getaways Horse farm lodging near Cincinnati/First Farm Inn, Kentucky

  • Will it snow?

  • Will it rain?

  • Will it be too cold to ride?

  • Will there be enough snow to ski?

Planning a winter getaway is always fraught with questions. In two decades of running a bed and breakfast, we’ve experienced pretty much all of what Cincinnati’s weather has to offer.

We’re often asked if snow is a problem by summertime guests who drive the last mile down skinny little Stevens Road, thru the big dip and around the “dog leg.” Surprisingly, the Boone County roads department does a great job, nearly always plowing or salting the road within a few hours of snowfall.

Usually we get one or two major snowfalls – 8 to 15 inches. Most of the time we get a “dusting” or a few inches that often melts the same day or soon after.

What happens if you book a stay and you can’t get here safely?

We switch your reservation to another date, with no charges.

What happens if the closer you get to us, the more dangerous the roads become?

We feed you dinner so you don’t have to go back out.

What happens if there is a power outage?

We’re probably better prepared than you are at home.  We have lots of candles and a wood stove in the family room that will keep us warm. We are on the same electric line as a major security dispatch center, so our power is seldom out very long.

Our most memorable power outage was a winter night when we had a young couple upstairs and another more our age downstairs. Everyone came to the family room to sit around the fire. The young couple gradually joined the conversation. When the lights came on after about two hours, they said they were so glad the power went out – they had more fun visiting with us old people than watching their movie! During the major power outage when we were out for three days (most were out for seven), I cooked breakfast on the gas grill.

We wanted to ride horses, but it won’t stop raining?

horseback riding, ride horses We want you to have fun while you’re here. Getting drenched and/or cold isn’t fun. The ground needs to be safhorseback riding, ride horses, e to ride, muddy is dangerous. We will cancel or reschedule your horseback ride without charge. Sometimes – after practicing in the riding arena — we ride horses down the road, so we don’t have to worry about slipping on the hillsides.

We planned to ski but it’s 50 degrees?

Perfect North likely will be open and the skiing will be great! You can check the snowcams or take your lift ticket vouchers over, look for yourselves and bring them back if you decide not to ski. Perfect North does a great job of managing the snow here in the south. It’s groomed every morning, so if you like skiing fresh corduroy, you can have an early breakfast and make first tracks.

Perfect North ski slopes

Perfect North does a great job of grooming the slopes despite the weather that may convince you skiing won’t be good.

There are lots of things to do if you choose not to ski or tube and you won’t be charged for lift tickets you don’t use.

What is there to do if you can’t ski, tube or ride?

  • Cincinnati is only 20 minutes away with lots of museums, theater, sports, restaurants and more.
  • Right across the river is the Greendale Cinema, a comfortable, well maintained theater to catch current movies.
  • Sit in front of the fire in the family room and plan your year, watch movies or visit.
  • Explore Jungle Jim’s International Grocery or any of the other places we recommend visiting.
  • Shop.  The Gap Outlet warehouse is just a few miles down the road.  Florence Mall, Mall Road and Houston Road feature all the chain stores.
  • Go antiquing. Florence Antique Mall is fully under roof, as is the Wooden Nickle in Cincinnati.


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