Horseback riding in Kentucky, just outside Cincinnati

“Trail ride” will have a new meaning after riding at First Farm Inn

Whether horseback riding is a one-time bucket-list check-off or you’re an experienced rider in need of a horse fix, you’ll enjoy safety-based riding lessons at this little Kentucky horse farm just 20 minutes from downtown Cincinnati.

Designed for adults and attentive children over the age of 12, during this two-hour riding lesson you’ll learn grooming basics and help saddle-up. We help you mount and fit the saddle to you. Then we walk to the riding arena to practice becoming the horse’s leader and communicating when we want stops, starts and turns.

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Riding horses at First Farm Inn

At First Farm Inn, we ride horses year-round in the riding arenas, over and around the hills, woods, ponds and pastures.  Rain, heavy snow, extremely high winds, heat indexes nearing 100 degrees or temperatures below freezing mean rescheduling.  For safety’s sake, ground conditions also play a role.

Call for Reservations

Call 859-586-0199 with a credit card to reserve a date and time.  If you wake up to bad weather the morning of your ride, call to reschedule.  Passing showers in the summertime aren’t an issue.

After you demonstrate control and respect for your horse in the arena, we head for the hills, along the ponds and through the woods. The experience ends with removing tack, feeding treats and bathing or grooming your new equine friend.  The two-hour riding lesson is $75 per person.

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Giving Bode a bath after a ride.

You’ll learn to communicate and move with one of our happy, healthy horses selected to fit your size and personality.  Trail riding often means bouncing around as a poorly-cared-for horse mindlessly follows a leader.  Unlike a traditional “trail ride,” at First Farm Inn you will be coached as much as you need, encouraged to build your connection and communicate quietly in ways that your horse can understand.

First Farm Inn horses are a colorful assortment of breeds, sizes and personalities. Riders must weigh less than 225 pounds and be reasonably physically fit.  Riding is physically strenuous and requires good posture, balance, concentration, thoughtfulness and the ability to listen.

Well mannered, focused, attentive and eager-to-learn children over the age of 12 may ride horses with you.  Fearful riders may be placed on a lead line so they stay with the group, but don’t have to worry about “steering.” “Riding double” is not safe.  Horseback riding helmets are provided.

Personalized Horseback Riding

Your horseback riding experience begins in a historic wooden barn with up to four fellow riders, unlike big equestrian centers where you are part of a crowd.  With only four riders, each ride is a very individualized experience, geared to your particular interests and goals.  If you plan to buy your own horse someday and are looking for tips, ask.  Or, just enjoy the scenery and watch for deer, small animals and birds.

Not a “usual” trail ride

horseback riding Cincinnati, ride horses Kentucky, horseback riding Kentucky, trail ride Cincinnati, trail ride Kentucky, Kentucky horse farmAs you gain balance and confidence, you will be allowed to speed up and stretch your skills.  Nearly all riders learn and practice sitting the trot.  If you’d like to practice posting or learn how to do it, just ask.  We have English, dressage and western saddles. Have your own saddle?  We’ll check to see if it fits one of our horses.

Experienced riders report riding at First Farm Inn is “like owning your own horse,” but with extra eyes to remind you about the basics your body may have forgotten.  Gentle coaching ensures you are always safely centered and balanced.

Horseback Riding Tips

Come prepared to have fun in weather appropriate clothes, a very supportive bra, straight-legged jeans and hard-soled shoes. (No Crocs, Converse, cleated hiking boots or spike heels.  Rubber rain boots aren’t very protective for your feet either.)

ride horses, horseback riding

Ride horses along the woods.

Since even the quietest horses can be unpredictable, by coming to the farm, you accept responsibility and all liability for your experience on the ground or riding. Helmets are provided.  If you are bringing children under 18 who are not your own, please print out the liability release, have their parents sign and bring it with you.  You cannot legally accept liability for someone else’s child.

Gift certificates are available for rides, as well as bed and breakfast stays.  Call 859-586-0199 to have your gift certificate personalized and mailed to you or your friend.horseback riding Cincinnati, ride horses Kentucky, horseback riding Kentucky, trail ride Cincinnati, trail ride Kentucky

Learn how horses think to ensure your rides and interactions with them are safe and fun.